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  • Samantha Facciolo, Assistant Director, Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom"
    "We have had the good fortune of contracting with Rachel on multiple occasions. She has served as a facilitator for our annual interfaith conference, which brings together hundreds of women from across the country for a multi-day event, led strategic planning sessions with our Board and staff, and presented workshops for our teen constituents. The entire process has been a pleasure. Rachel is organized, responsive, communicative, and an expert in her field. She has guided organizational stakeholders through explorations focused on deep listening, cultural competency, identity, and leadership development, both in-person and virtually. Our teens in particular have been impressed with her ability to present engaging and interactive workshops via Zoom. Rachel is dynamic, knowledgeable, culturally sensitive, and personable. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her should feel fortunate."
  • Nisha Patel, Teacher of Economics at Forest School UK"
    "The Graydin coach-training program was amazing. I know coaching is powerful and that there are techniques to learn, but as I come into experiencing coaching as a coachee, paradoxically I am better able to reflect not only on my own coaching issues but the techniques that are at play. Underlying and interlacing this {having Rachel as a Graydin sustainment coach} is the open mindedness beauty of how Rachel’s humanity shines through."
  • Fatma Khalid Al guthmy , (MEd) Educational Leadership and Management NPQSL - UCL"
    “Rachel’s coaching sessions are well structured and highly insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions which were meaningful to me and assisted me in my professional growth. She always maintained a professional tone and yet highly empathetic listening and prompting me to derive solutions and understanding key issues. I am now applying the same strategies in my leadership journey with evident results from my team Alhamdullillah!”
  • Cynthia Moore, MS, CPCC, PCC, Executive Director, Sojourns Community Health Clinic"
    “Grieving is a challenging passage. I can't imagine anyone better to accompany anyone on their journey whether it's riding a roller coaster of grief and loss, a daring dive into the unknown or a contemplative exploration of possibility as Rachel. I have seldom observed anyone as skilled at holding space for, and being present with, their client's process and agenda. I have been inspired by her example and would not hesitate to refer my dearest loved ones to her for coaching.”
  • Dr. Don Eisenhauer, MCC, Founder of Coaching End of Life, LLC"
    “It has been my great privilege to mentor Rachel in her training as a grief coach. Rachel is a caring, sensitive, individual, and an exemplary professional coach. She is a good listener and clients feel safe sharing with her. Rachel meets her clients where they are and supports them during some of their most difficult times. I highly recommend Rachel as a Grief and End of Life Coach.
  • Participant, Graydin Coaching Curriculum"
    “Rachel was great. She communicated clearly and brought great energy to the group. She demonstrated vulnerability with us that cultivated a safe space for us to feel comfortable doing the same, she was really engaging and easy to connect with. She explained the skills in a fun and interactive way.”
  • Participant, Graydin Coaching Curriculum"
    “Rachel is wonderful! She is warm, brilliant, kind, and kept us on track. I appreciated her vulnerability and patience with us. She was the consummate professional. Smooth flow throughout the program, engaging, very warm and direct, appreciated the genuine connection and willingness to be vulnerable.”
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