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Rachel Baldi, CPCC PCC

Rachel is on a mission to empower and inspire those around her to lead their lives with conscious presence, authenticity and responsibility. As the co-founder of UpLevel Productions and an Interfaith Advocate, Rachel brings her knowledge and expertise in coaching, leadership development, project management, workshop design and facilitation to act as a conscious bridge between people of different cultures and religions to build healthy relationships. 

Committed to serving marginalized communities, she began her career working with nonprofits, delivering coaching and leadership development programs to disadvantaged and underrepresented youth and young offenders within Britain's criminal justice system. As a member of CTI’s (the world’s largest & oldest in-person coach-training school) Faculty and Graydin’s (a state-of-the-art coach training org. for Educators & Schools) coaching team, Rachel has expanded her experience over the past decade through consultative sales, client relationship management and program delivery with Leaders and Educators inside world-leading organizations.

Rachel is a Certified End-of-Life and Grief Coach who is passionate about educating and providing essential safe space for people to acknowledge, express and process their grief. She is on a mission to train organizations on how to be End-of-Life safe and how to support grief in the workplace. 


Rachel has the unique ability to be in the liminal space of the past, present and future; of who you’ve been, where you are, and who you will become. She is able to see and communicate the lazer truth within herself and others.  A mother of 6 beautiful children and a Muslim woman of Islam Faith, Rachel is authentic, passionate, supportive, empowering and, is here to UpLevel all and everyone she comes into contact with.

Pink Lotus Flower

"No mud, no lotus. 

The most beautiful flower grows out of the mud. Our worst moments can be the seeds of our best moments. They have an amazing power to transform us"


Thich Nhat Hanh

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