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A Year of Civil Conversation

Relationship starts with connection.


Connection begins with conversations, vulnerability, and curiosity. Through Civil Conversations with Interfaith Philadelphia, I am passionate about facilitating and coaching conversations between people from different faiths, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, not to come to a place of agreement but to learn from one another and connect.


Through mutual respect, curiosity, and a willingness to see into the other person we can change how we connect with those who are different than us.

Domestic Violence Advocacy

As an Advocate against Domestic Violence, I am dedicated to raising awareness around domestic violence and how it impacts our communities, families, and relationships.


Through education, knowledge and support in our communities, schools, and places of worship we can change the silent epidemic that thrives in environments of secrecy and shame.

Lil' Amina and the Adventure of Grief
Lil' Amina Mockup.png

Written by Christie Mann & Rachel Baldi

In this adventure presented by UpLevel Publishing as part of The Adventures of Lil’ Sass emotional wellness children’s book series, readers discover how Lil’ Amina identifies and feels the emotion of Grief. Lil’ Amina’s mom has died and has left her feeling so many things. Lil’ Sass introduces her to Mrs. Moo who gives her the magic Purple Cape to help her feel and express her grief. And her grandfather also helps her understand how grief can be expressed in their Islamic faith. The included discussion guide is intended to stimulate adult-child conversations about grief and provides suggestions for parents and caregivers to help their kids become more emotionally resilient. Remember what Mrs. Moo says, “Feeling is a gift you give yourself!”

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