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All growth begins with healing.

Where there is love there will be grief. And by honoring and witnessing grief we learn how to live.

There is no greater gift you can give someone in grief than to ask them about their loved one, and then truly listen.

meet rachel
My name is Rachel Baldi. Thank you for visiting my site, it is an honor to meet you.
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After facing challenging circumstances at a young age, I’ve been on a lifelong journey to learn, serve, and transform my life and the lives of those around me. Through my own journey of understanding and processing loss in life, I understand how much unprocessed grief can impact people's daily lives, and when ignored can come out in unhealthy ways. 


The avoidance of grief prolongs pain and sufferings, whereas turning towards it with support and compassion you are able to heal and transform.

is inevitable


The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.

I act as a conscious bridge between people of different cultures, races and religions to build healthy relationships. And, I am devoted to supporting and walking side-by-side with individuals, families and communities who are grieving.


I was raised in the UK with Jewish and Christian roots and I converted to Muslim, after discovering the beauty of Islamic faith, where I found belonging and connection to a meaningful and complete way of life that creates harmony in the mind, the soul and the body. I am also a wife and proud mother of six beautiful children, moving between the US, UK and Morocco.


My intention is to provide you and your loved ones with support and tools to honor and process grief. To help you continue to live a full life while honoring your process, and in time, allow your grief to transform how you live your one wild and precious life.


In Peace and With Blessings,


This space is for you.

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Who + How I Serve

Individuals and Families


Through my co-partnered parent company; UpLevel Productions, we are committed to humanizing the workplace and supporting organizations and teams to be end-of-life safe and navigate grief.

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I am proud to partner with these world recognized institutions and companies bringing leadership development, coaching & coach training to organizations and schools.

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